Bianca Censori: who is the “wife” of Kanye West.

Bianca Censori is Kanye West’s new wife, the quotation marks are necessary, given that it is not yet clear whether the marriage was formalized by a valid and signed contract. In any case, two wedding rings peep out on the ring fingers of the two intended spouses, and it seems that on January 13 a secret ceremony took place among a few close friends, which was also strongly experienced by the two main characters.

Marriage registered with Kim Kardashian, the artist Ye seems to have regained serenity, to put it mildly, after a controversial year, right in the arms of his Bianca. But who is Bianca Censori? Let’s find out together!

Bianca has 27 yearsAND Australianmore precisely from Melbournea city where he sometimes returns to stimulate his creativity and then put it into practice Los AngelesWhere does he live. And from creativity, given her profession, Bianca simply cannot refuse: since 2020 she has been working as a fashion designer in jeezy, a brand founded by West. Prior to that, she founded a jewelry brand under her own name. Nylon jewelrywho managed from 2013 to 2017, with the fate of which, however, was not very lucky.

She got the skills to become a designer first in Cary Baptist Grammar School Melbournethat achievement Master’s Degree in Architecture and takes his first steps in the world of work as a consultant and architect.

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So it’s clear that she and Kanye have common hobbies and professions, and judging by her latest looks, it seems that West has found his new muse (or a sacrificial victim, it depends on tastes and points of view)!

We want to believe this is the first option as fans didn’t miss the musical praise posted by E in December 2022 titled Overloaded censors, taking the surname Bianchi.

The two are inseparable, often photographed together with their children, especially with their eldest daughter. NorthBianca seems to have made a very good connection, as in a few shots they captured hand in hand.

Ye and Bianca were recently paparazzi in Italyfirst in and around Florence, intending to select fabrics for what is purported to be the new Yeezy collection, and then in Rome, where Kanye wowed everyone by unexpectedly taking his former son-in-law and colleague Travis Scott to the circus onto the concert stage. Maximus.

If among the first things you tried to do to get to know Bianca better after news of her relationship with Kanye began to circulate were unsuccessful attempts to browse her social media, the blame should not be attributed to your limited detective skills. . If you didn’t find anything, it’s because Bianca immediately deactivated her social media profiles as soon as the news of the wedding spread.. A personal choice or the “advice” of a husband who is notoriously bad at social media? Will he return soon? There are rumors that…

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