Bidet (for sale on eBay) is exorbitantly priced

door or bidet beyonce And jay zee, Now they can be bought. The two have put some stuff up for sale in their old house los angeles, In 2015, the two decided to leave the California home they occupied but did not bother to completely vacate the residences.

The work was taken care of by a Los Angeles architect who is now in charge of renovating the house, who hasn’t missed the opportunity to resell what’s left. And then: chandeliers, wooden doors and a bidet With golden tubes. But let’s find out how much the item costs.

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bidet home a los angeles Of beyonce it will cost $2,400 And it’s up for auction on eBay and anyone can own it. The news was released by TMZ which published statements from the owner of Eric’s Architectural Salvage, who recounted his experience renovating a home in the City of Angels for a few months in 2015.

Thousands of dollars for a bidet but also for wooden doors in sophisticated French style and chandeliers, these were also photographed and included in the eBay catalog.

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