Big Brother 2023, second series, comments and opinions

And the cast Big Brother 2023 is currently formed – completely, after 15 entries that occurred in the first series of this issue. Tonight the final participants, including VIPs and NIPs, entered this version of the program, which is now in a pleasant “oratorio” mode.

In life’s difficulties we always unite, never separate” were among the first words uttered by Alfonso Signorini, speaking about the first days of the tenants’ coexistence. For those who missed it, the five of them spent a week in a shack, without the comforts of Home. They clearly loved and got along, the ideal protagonists of the book “Heart”. The episode began with a report of a freezing incident and robbery (of food, yeah, don’t think of anything else, even figuratively, trouble!) by shacks who took – literally – the dishes from the residents.

Successful exchanges between tenant and tenants:

Alfonso: “Greece, you were desperate about the shacks stealing food from your house, right?

Greece: “I eat, I eat”

Very good.

There was a timid hint of a possible discussion between Beatrice and Rosie, muffled with the same speed as when meeting an ex by chance:

“Isn’t there bad blood between Rosie and Beatrice? Oh no? Okay, we were wrong.”

End. Literally, ha.

As if to say: “Is this beige?” “No, it’s ecru.” And hi.

Then she came in cornflower, as an official competitor. And a joke was actually played on the participants, which caused hours of endless meetings. “Let’s make them believe they are watching a play and that’s it!” So they all came out and saw Fiordaliso in front singing “I don’t want the moon” as it played.

The participants muttered something inaudible, probably reading the words from the teleprompter, giving a result worthy of a late Saturday night at the disco, and everyone tried to give it their all with the song “La notte vola”.

Next came the most important blocks, the most… itchy ones (!).

Butcher Paolo entered the confessional and became the defender of empty relationships. After getting engaged between the ages of 15 and 21, he began an eternal monologue about how important the first time is. Sex? But don’t even pretend. KISS. Because giving on the first evening is wrong and too early. I’m still talking about the kiss, eh. “Waiting is a value!” Signorini applauds from the office, and in the meantime I check that I haven’t sat on the remote control and ended up on TV2000. But no, on the bottom right there is Canale 5, and on the left I see the hashtag #GF. “Sometimes I also want to provoke a girl to test her,” he repeats, smiling, talking about the “trap” to understand how serious it can be. I repeat: for a kiss. On the first evening. On the first date.

Probably, for this episode of Girlfriends I would have been condemned among the lustful ones, but on the first romantic date I really hope for a kiss, AT LEAST, in order to understand that I have not fallen into the friend zone or have not found another best friend with whom I can play burraco.

However, not for Big Brother. The kiss has value, so does the anticipation, and I press the remote because, oh well, there must be some interference. Because I can’t imagine this passage:

“Hey, what do you think, let’s have a half-hour block on Paolo, who doesn’t want to kiss on the first night?”

Let’s move on Giampiero Mughini, in confession half an episode. “I don’t want to look like a boring great-grandfather“. The problem does not arise, since it appeared at home at about 45 clock seconds, but we will return to it later.

Another “hot” block from this issue: Greece Colmenares and vacuum cleaner. Enthusiastic, happy to be on Big Brother, as if he discovered he had inherited a building in midtown Manhattan from a great uncle he had never heard of. “All this enthusiasm…” – the unconvinced Beatrice comments very wisely in confession. If she had had a white Persian cat sitting on her lap when she said these phrases, I would probably have chosen her as my personal heroine.

Would you be happy if Mugini appeared in Big Brother 2023?– asks Signorini. “I would be very happyColmenares explodes with joy. Oh, definitely his secret dream. It will be written in his contract: “Either Mugino or I won’t come.”

In the meantime, come in Arnold. He was an undertaker. He is 22 years old and full of love for his adopted family. “I’m not ashamed to say this, I’m very close to my family.“. I never understand this “shame” in conversations about attachment, like someone admitting to putting chewing gum on doorbells at night for years and then running away. A surprise from her mother before her exit and a question from Buonamichi from the studio:

“Where did he bring so much joy, Pina?”

Mugini’s long-awaited appearance in Big Brother 2023

After an Alex Schwatzer clip that encourages Signorini to give us another gem (“There is no conquest without effort”), the long-awaited moment of Mugini’s entry into the House of Representatives arrives.

Everything is frozen. He comes in, says hello, says four sentences, and compliments Schwatzer.

“Everything is positive, see you next time”

Hello, a lot of things. The freeze was over and he was probably already in the car.

I’m not exaggerating. It took me longer to go down to the yard and throw away the glass.

We move on to Valentina. She comes from Brovello-Carpugnino. I obviously Googled it, I admit. After raiding Lady Gaga’s closet for a video, she introduces her alter ego: Lady Fagiana. Is it possible to say “pheasant” in the new Gf or does that sound too ambiguous? When in doubt, he said it. How would you describe your outfit? “Good wine is placed in a small barrel, Lady Fagiana is in a golden barrel.”

I have two fingers of limoncello in my glass to get me through the second episode.

While in recent days the residents were terrified of the possibility of saying bad words, swearing, arguing and were afraid of ending up in the confessional just for saying “Damn”, Alfonso Signorini took care to calm them down suddenly, out of nowhere , with this phrase:

“We told ourselves that the key word is respect between you, between us and the public. Sometimes this respect fails, please know how much we care“.

The perfect reality TV feel. There are more and more colleges now, this is the beginning of Big Brother 2023.

Cesara Buonamici, addressing Valentina, takes care to enliven the atmosphere with the help of a premise at the beginning of the question:

“I heard that the grandmother who prays to St. Anthony…”

Rosie is in the shack to greet the next participant: Ciro Petrone. He starred in Gomorrah, but now everyone remembers him for dribbling the ball in Temptation Island.

Temptation Island VIP: Ciro Petrone escapes, causes all the cameramen to fall and is disqualified. asked to meet his girlfriend Federica Caputo in just two days due to the suffering caused by the distance. The girl, however, refused an early meeting and unknowingly pushed her boyfriend to make a sensational gesture. Ciro, in fact, decided to break the rules of the program and ran away from his village to get to the village of his girlfriends, where his beloved Federica is. This scene drove the network crazy and will surely be remembered as the main scene of this episode: Ciro begins his reckless race to get to Federica, but meanwhile all the cameramen are trying unsuccessfully to stop him. , falling like skittles! However, Petrone’s gesture had inevitable consequences: Alessia actually informed the couple that due to the violation of the rules, they would no longer be able to be part of Temptation Island’s VIP. Source : WHAT DO YOU THINK? #temptationisland #temptationislandvip #ciropetrone #jealousy #girlfriend #girlfriend #operators #trash #trashnews #trashitaliano #alessiamarcuzzi #vigofficial #vig

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Another block with Giselda, who tells us that she has never seen the following things in person: a spa, a swimming pool, basmati rice, a dishwasher. And go to the cinema just once to watch Heidi.

And here is the name of the penultimate participant: Heidi. She is a trader, an entrepreneur… “but I always make time to see my family and friends.” Even Apple’s international CEO didn’t say…

“Lots of kisses from Heidi Bachi.”

This is not a typo, this is her greeting at the end of the video, her real name is Heidi Bachi.

Cesara Buonamici, meanwhile, comments on the company in an encouraging tone, speaking and addressing the company’s competitors as calmly as if she were running a cat video on Tg5.

The final contestant for the second episode of Big Brother 2023 is Claudio and he is 34 years old. He fell in with bad company, dealt drugs, then was handed over to social services for two years and 96 days at home. In the meantime, he became interested in wellness and imagined – he too – a similar model.

The cast of Big Brother 2023 is now complete. Go in peace…sorry, I wanted to say good night everyone.

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