Big Brother: Here’s New Research and News for 2023

A few days before the long-awaited departure new edition of Big Brother, the enthusiasm is off the charts. Given the promise of a turning point in the fight against waste under the wing of Pier Silvio Berlusconi, the news will certainly not be long in coming.

One of the biggest surprises concerns the new studio, which will host host Alfonso Signorini and the participants.

Big Brother: images of the new studio

Official social channels Big Brother presented the first images of the new studio, arousing the curiosity of fans.

The images show a preview of the reviewer’s chair. Cesara Buonamichi and on steps reserved for the public.

Where is the Big Brother 2023 house located?

One of the most significant changes concerns the distance between the famous Casa Cinecittà and the new studio.
Previously it was only a few hundred meters, but this year Big Brother has moved almost 9/10 km away.

The historic Palastudio headquarters in Cinecittà will be replaced Voxson Television Production Center in Via di Tor Cervara, 286. While the scope of the study is expected to remain the same, minor technical adjustments and new details are to be expected.

The first official participants of Big Brother 2023

This year’s Big Brother will feature celebrities and regular people alike.

The athlete is among the first VIPs announced Alex Schwatzer and talented actresses Beatrice Luzzi AND Greece Colmenares. Among the ordinary people already announced are Giselda Torresanworker from Treviso, Vittorio Menozziengineer from Parma, e Laetitia Petrisphotographer.

Official commentator for Big Brother 2023

The presenter Alfonso Signorini will be supported by the only commentator – journalist Tg5. Cesara Buonamichi. The role of social media expert, previously held by influencer Julia Salemi, will now be filled by Rebecca Staffelli daughter of the famous correspondent of Striscia la Notizia.

When does Big Brother 2023 start?

The new episode of “Big Brother” starts11 September. Additionally, a double weekly appearance with the reality show has been confirmed. airs on Mondays and Fridays.

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