Big Brother, Paolo Masella, contestant: 25-year-old butcher.

Paolo Masella NIP’s first competitor Big Brother. A 25-year-old butcher from Rome who has never seen an episode of reality TV and dreams of getting his mother to stop working.

Paolo Masella, NIP Big Brother competitor.

Paolo is single and very close to his mother: “I want to be a big brother for my mother so that she doesn’t have to work. We need to sleep, relax, travel. I rarely watch TV, I wake up at 5.30 in the morning and come back at 11. Who has time to watch TV?.

The new member also admitted that he loves to travel, does not watch TV and uses very little social networks.

Gentlemenduring his interview very truealready spoke about Paolo:

Some have a lot of followers, but it’s obvious. Some of them use them for work but they don’t live on social media, but we have a lot of other competitors, for example there is a very young butcher who is 23 years old and doesn’t know Instagram because I need to work. And it is wonderful and beautiful, like the sun.

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