Big fear: did Nabilla Benattia catch the Covid on New Year’s Eve? The results of her test are in …


The day after her New Year’s Eve with Manon Tanti, Nabilla Benattia begins the year with very bad news …

On January 3, Manon Tanti sounded the alarm. The reality TV star announced: “I did not sleep all night, and by stress and pain because I had a lot of back pain. I suddenly had the results this morning, I am positive for the covid”. And although she confided on Snapchat that her entire family was negative and that she was now in isolation, her New Year’s guests could have been infected.

Contact case of Manon Tanti

And among them Nabilla Benattia and Thomas Vergara, who was also in Dubai with the Tanti (but also Maeva Ghennam, Milla Jasmine, and Illan), for the new year. On social networks, Milann’s mother also confessed: “Well, I don’t have a runny nose, but I’m extremely tired and like … I’m cold”. After a negative Covid-19 test, the bimbo confided that she was happy but that she intended to “redo a test within four days to recheck again and if it is still negative” …

She who has already done “fifty” tests since the start of the pandemic, “in Dubai, Miami, Los Angeles, France …” continues to pay attention. She promises in the coming days to redouble vigilance at the level of “washing hands” and wearing a mask, so as not “to be contaminated and contaminate other people”.

Nabilla gives a rant

And if Nabilla does not want to take any risks, it is also for her grandmother, Livia who is 86 years old. It is also for her that Nabilla gave a big rant a few days ago on the Web. Mistreated by rude fans, she explained that she preferred to keep her mask on to take pictures with them.

And to confide: “I go to see my grandmother who is 86 years old every day! Imagine I catch her, they jump on me, boom, I give the Covid to my grandmother, how do we do? For a photo am I going to kill my grandmother? Is that delirium? No, never in life! “