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The scientist George Gao, one of the most important that has assisted in the control of the epidemic of coronavirus spoke to Science and explained that it was not to wear masks (mask) as a protection to count the COVID-19 is a “big mistake”.

In an interview with Science, the scientist George Gao, director-general the Chinese Center for disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that it did not use masks to protect against the coronavirus is an error, contradicting the version of the WHO.

The market of Wuhan could be the initial place, or it could be a place where they amplified the virus. There are two possibilities.

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George Gao is a researcher of the severe acute respiratory syndrome 2 (SARS-CoV-2) and co-author of two articles published in The New England Journal of Medicine ( NEJM )that allowed to know the early features of the disease, and therefore been able to publish 3 articles more about COVID-19 in The Lancet .

Among the recommendations highlighted during the interview is the importance of social distancing, as the essential strategy for the control of any infectious disease, especially respiratory infections.

George Gao: infected persons should be isolated

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But he explained that one of the big mistakes that are being committed now in the united States and other parts of the world, is that people do not use masks, so stated, and stressed that the virus is transmitted by droplets and he explained the reasons: “The drops play a very important role: you have to wear a mask, because when you speak, always leave drops of your mouth.”

He pointed out that it is important because many people are already carriers of the COVID-19 but are asymptomatic or presintomáticas: “If you use facial masks, you can prevent the droplets that carry the virus to escape and infect other”, confirmed to the researcher.

When someone coughs or sneezes, fired through the nose or through the mouth a few droplets of liquid that may contain the virus
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The WHO he explains in his official page that should be wear a mask if you are attending to someone who is suspected as a carrier of the COVID-19; if you have a cough or sneezing and puntaliza have a proper washing of hands, as well as dispose of it properly.

Another point which detailed the scientist was the isolation of individuals that are infected regardless of the level of severity to be able to control the COVID-19.

He also explained that by the time you do not have immunity collective and is still looking for the antidote to this virus that stunned the world by causing the epidemic and estimated that for the month of April, will gather data on clinical trials medications such as remdesivir.

All have recognized that touching the gotícula that could carry coronavirus is a source of infection, thus reducing the level of transmission by using a face cloths for those who do not yet know they carry the virus or have developed symptoms it is important to save lives.

The disease can spread from person to person through droplets from the nose or mouth that are expelled when an infected person coughs or exhales.

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