Big party at Spazio Sani via Filungo with Crocs Italy, Il Panda and premium stores

Summer vibes: This claim has been chosen by CROCS Italy for the launch of the Siren Clog in Lucca. And so happened. A joyful, sunny, colourful, youthful atmosphere. Even the heat of these days seemed to be mitigated by the shade, which until late afternoon embraced the Spazio Sani Micheli in Via Filungo, where the party was held. Because it was a party. Dj set with awesome playlist. A cocktail station with the il panda logo, which holds several kilos of ice in plain view to prepare cold flutes for Spritzes, Hugos, fruity soft drinks or classic bubbles.
An essential, stylized, refreshing setting that integrates perfectly with the sprawling greenery of the courtyard.
and color. Lots of colour. SIREN’S FUCHSIA EXCELLENT: The new clog from the iconic Crocs line featuring decisive lines, a significant wedge and a maxi heel.
Guests, journalists, photographers and many curious passers-by entertained themselves by playing with the siren model: wearing it, taking pictures of themselves, personalizing it with the most original accessories, called zebitz.
The door-pullers of yesterday’s party were the talents who rose to the occasion as testimonials from Sirens and to attend the concert of Lil Nas X, who also loves Crocs.
@¬_la_lou @unghiedellamadonna @ethanlaraa The celebrities on Instagram and Tik Tok alternated between live shows, selfies, cute pictures, grimaces and funny poses to enthrall and entertain the youth who thronged the place.
A welcoming and celebratory moment that best exemplifies the CROCS corporate mission and philosophy of IL PANDA and the premium stores that have made this possible.
Once again we are glad that our city has been selected to create visibility, once again our city will be greatly appreciated.
And we are waiting for the next appointment.

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