Big Red and the Field of Dreams

A week with interesting ideas to spend on the couch. In addition to some classic games like Dances with Wolves and The Dead Zone, Big Red and Field of Dreams stand out.

Sunday 30 July before the red spotlight event and When father

OURLet’s start the week with a trip to Rai Storia at 21:15 on “Case in the spotlight”. The plot centers on a burning investigation by the Boston Globe. In the “viewfinder” is a group of pedophile Catholic priests and four journalists in search of the truth. Director: Thomas McCarthy. Cast: Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton. Production: USA. Year: 2015. Genre: thriller. Duration: 130 minutes.

Alternative on Canale 5 at 21.20 “When Father”. A very cynical recruiter works like crazy from morning to night to advance his career and please his even more cynical boss. He will neglect his wife and children, but when his son gets sick, he will intuitively understand what the real priorities in life are. Director: Mark Williams. Cast: Gerard Butler, Willem Dafoe. Production: USA. Year: 2017. Genre: drama. Duration: 110 minutes.

Monday, July 31 only The Donald S.

For the hundredth time, we do not offer “Jaws” (in any case, those who wish will watch it on the air of Rete 4 at 21.25), but we prefer to focus on “The Secret of Donald S. in the sky at 21.15. In 1968, an English businessman finds himself in the throes of an existential crisis and suddenly decides to make a solo round-the-world trip without stopping on his sailboat. Based on real history. Director: James Marsh. Cast: Colin Firth, Rachel Weisz. Production: UK. Year: 2018. Genre: biographical. Duration: 100 minutes.

Tuesday, August 1, before the red “Parasite and Dances with Wolves”.

Absolutely not to be missed”Parasites» on 5 Rai at 21.15. A poor family from Seoul lives in a small dirty apartment in the suburbs. The eldest son will somehow manage to contact a very wealthy family to teach English (he will replace a friend on this occasion) to the youngest daughter, and the lessons will take place in their luxurious home. With a trick, he will be able to get all the members of his family into the house without revealing their identities. All hell will happen. Cannes Palme d’Or and Oscars for Best Film and Best Director. Directed by: Bong Joon Ho. Cast: Song Kang Ho, Lee Sun Gyun. Production. South Korea Year: 2019 Genre: Drama. Duration: 130 minutes.

If you really don’t want to watch or revise “Parasite” at all, on TV8 at 21.20 for the hundredth time on the air “Dance with Wolves”. It is almost superfluous to dwell on the plot of this pro-Indian western. Director: Kevin Costner. Cast: Mary McDonnell, Kevin Costner. Production: USA. Year: 1990. Genre: Western. Duration: 180 minutes.

Wednesday 2 August only one offer

Only one offer goes to Twentyseven at 21.10 for “The Last Boy Scout”. A good private detective, along with a former American football player, decide to start a fight against a large gang that operates in the world of underground sweepstakes. Director: Ridley Scott. Cast: Bruce Willis, Damon Wayans. Production: USA. Year: 1991. Genre: adventure. Duration: 105 minutes.

Thursday 3 August waiting for the big red something interesting

On TV2000 at 20.55 here “Love remains.” A young man loses his parents due to an accident, for which he takes the blame and will be obsessed with this difficult situation. He will meet a girl who somehow and despite the difficulties will make him want to live again. Director: Gus Van Sant. Cast: Mia Wasikowska, Henry Hopper. Production: USA. Year: 2011. Genre: drama. Duration: 95 minutes.

Let’s try with “We are endlessat 21.10 on La5. The plot sees a very intelligent but equally very shy young man. In high school, he will be taken in by a rather bright girl and her half-brother. Director: Stephen Chbosky. Cast: Logan Lerman, Emma Watson. Production: USA. Year: 2012. Genre: comedy. Duration: 105 minutes.

Friday August 4th is the big red

Let’s go back a little to see “Big Red” at 21.10 on the Rai Movie channel. The story of an elderly sergeant who manages to survive four long years with four soldiers on different fronts of the war, from Algeria to Germany. Very nice, very effective. Director: Samuel Fuller. Cast: Lee Marvin, Mark Hamill, Robert Carradine. Production: USA. Year: 1980. Genre: military. Duration: 115 minutes.

On the twenty-seventh here “Beetlejuice Piggy Sprite”. Two prankster ghosts are having fun in a deserted house, but one day a particularly sophisticated new family arrives and decides to hire an exorcist. Very funny. Director: Tim Burton. Cast: Alec Baldwin, Michael Keaton. Production: USA. Year: 1988. Genre: fantasy. duration. 95 minutes.

Saturday 5 August after The Big Red One, Field of Dreams

We close by offering “You will meet the man of your dreams” at Twentyseven at 21.10. Seven different characters with different stories, in which truth, lies, passions, anxieties and hidden desires are intertwined. A portrait of the current bourgeoisie, seen with a special look. Director: Woody Allen. Cast: Antonio Banderas, Josh Brolin, Naomi Watts, Anthony Hopkins. Production: USA. Year: 2010. Genre: comedy/sentimental. Duration: 100 minutes.

On Italia 2 at 21.15 here “Dead zone”. After being in a coma for five years, a professor of literature wakes up and realizes that he has mediumistic abilities, thanks to which he can see the past and the future. Thanks to this, he will be able to stop the dangerous project of an ambitious politician. Taken from Stephen King. Director: David Cronenberg. Cast: Christopher Walken, Martin Sheen. Production: USA. Year: 1983. Genre: fantasy. Duration: 105 minutes.

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