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Great guests, many minutes of fun and great opportunities to immerse yourself in the universe of comics, games and the world of fantasy. The first edition is archived Victoria: comics and gamescomic book and video game fair held by‘from 1 to 3 September last yearorganized and organized by Vittoria Mercati and organized in the fair citadel. Emaya New City.
For three days, famous names performed on the open stage, including the most beloved by boys, such as Ambergris Pazzanione of the most popular cosplayers in the italian nerd world, sidoniapoint of reference for the entire Nintendo Universe, Maurizio Merluzzoartist, voice actor, influencer and host and more Alex Polidoriofficial voice of Tom Holland and player inside, the spouses of Italian gaming influencers. Imagine big John Muchaccia by Art Attack, Dario Mocciaone of the most famous Twitch Italia streamers, Sabaku No Maiku and finally a cosplayer Hey queen and famous youtuber Frederick, Kirenis.

Inside the booths were areas dedicated to video games, where you could challenge your friends in multiplayer competitions or check out the latest industry news, as well as areas dedicated to everything that revolves around the world of comics. There was no shortage of cultural moments with the presentation of books and plays. A definitely successful initiative thanks to the commitment of Vittoria Mercati, who wanted to bet on this exhibition project born from the idea of ​​five young people from Vittoria, namely Alessio Tesola, Giovanni Melfi, Paola Yurato, Rafaele Assenza and Stefano Sallemi. “This exhibition project has raised the profile of pop culture and video games in Vittoria’s most famous convention center,” he says. Stefano Sallemi, on behalf of all the boys-. We thank those who voiced our dream, namely the sole administrator of Vittoria Mercati, Carmelo Diquattro, who fully accepted all our organizational requests, along with the employees of Vittoria Mercati. Thanks to the city administration, represented by the mayor Fr. Francesco Aiello and Mayor’s consultant Fabio Prelati, who supported us. All efforts were rewarded with joyful and amazed faces of participants of all ages.”

The attendance of the public confirmed the relevance of the event. More than eight thousand visitors registered during the three days of the Vittoria Comics & Games exhibition.

“Success, I would say, not unexpected, but expected, which gives us the right impetus to immediately plan a second edition,” he said. Carmelo Diquattro, sole director of Vittoria Mercati-. We, as an exhibition organization, believed in this event from the very beginning, and the results confirmed us. With Vittoria Comics & Games, a new era in the life of the fair citadel is opening: to the fairs already consolidated over the years, and to the new themed fairs we are working on, we are adding a sector entirely dedicated to the world of youth. For the first time in the province of Ragusa, we are hosting an event dedicated to topics that interest young people the most, and we are pleased that Nuova Emaia Città is becoming a place where healthy entertainment, discussion, creativity and art can contribute to the growth of future generations. Therefore, we are proud of this important result and the agreement received both from the exhibitors present and from the many families who took part in the three-day event. Finally, I express my sincere gratitude to the Mayor of Vittoria, who, on the occasion of the November sample exhibition, expressed interest in this comic book fair last year, and also to all the employees of Vittoria Mercati, who, with professionalism and dedication, made all this possible. So, meet at Vittoria Comics & Games 2024!”.

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