Bikini Body 2023, from Chiara Ferragni to JLo is a like contest

From Puglia to Capri, from Sardinia to Ibiza, celebrities challenge each other with bikini shots and poses to show off their perfect tan.

ddestination sea. More specifically, up and down the Mediterranean. From Kim Kardashian as Salme Hayek, passing through Melissa Sutta, Chiara Ferragni and Jennifer Lopez, celebrity summer – on the beaches of the Basin. Common denominator other than destination? One photo a day: between bikinis, more or less micro, and one-piece swimsuits everyone shows off their body in a bikini, perfect sun protection

Bikini body 2023: Federica Pellegrini and Aurora Ramazzotti, mermaids in Sardinia

Mom to be and young mothers choose the crystal clear waters of Sardinia: right here Aurora Ramazzotti and Federica Pellegrini they spent part of the summer. If Federica Pellegrini is enjoying her first months of pregnancy swimming in the waters of Sardinia next to her family, this is Aurora Ramazzotti will provoke a new debate

Kim Kardashian, Isabelle Gular and Aurora Ramazzotti (Instagram)

In fact, the TV presenter is depicted in a photo posted on her Instagram profile. he shows himself in a punished nude under the shower: and if there was no shortage of a shower of likes and compliments, then the criticism did not surpass so much so that the young mother was nicknamed “the cringer”. Cause? For some, photography will seem too risky and inappropriate for the mother. And the controversy broke out

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Chiara Ferragni and Melissa Satta bikini in Formentera

Instead, they choose the Balearic Chiara Ferragni with the whole clan and Melissa Satta. If last year the digital entrepreneur sported topless in the waters of Saint-Tropez, this year Chiara Ferragni prefers a bright bikini that emphasizes her slender physique. The perfect accessory? his bobsleighRelax and dry in the sun to create natural beach waves.

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First in the Balearic Islands, then on the Costa Smeralda, Melissa Satta fired up Instagram these hot summer days with snaps of her B-side and full bikini.

Salma Hayek and J. Lo, the revenge of the “perennials”

Ironic, hilarious and hilarious, sensual Salma Hayek and Jennifer Lopez they post photos of a fun and carefree summer “grateful for the blessings of sun, water and love,” as the Mexican actress wrote in the carousel caption, showing off an amaranth one-piece swimsuit that hugs her delicate body. .

Passion for Italy instead Jay Lo. During her Mediterranean vacation, which also stopped in Capri, the fifty-four-year-old woman, who ended her vacation on July 24 last year, she chose a bikini that accentuates her curves and vaguely one-piece swimsuits from the 1950s. Golden lady instead of Kim Kardashian: in the heart of Puglia, her explosive curves are accentuated by the Skims bikini. a line of shapewear designed for every body, shape and size.

In the gallery above are all the summer 2023 bikini models.


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