bikini cut and a tan luminous, it caused a stir !


Léana Zaoui, the angel, flapping the canvas. The young woman shows ultra-sexy in a bikini on Instagram. We let you discover !

Decided to show Léana Zaoui love, your dream figure ! The candidate of the angels 10 revealing bikini is very scarce, and his super tan on Instagram. It makes you envious ! MCE tells you everything !

Some candidates of reality tv are very active in social networks. Then you share every moment of your life with her fans on Instagram. All the time ! By the way, this is the case for Léana Zaoui. In fact, the young woman published photos regularly of your. She often puts your body in value. Evidence in his recent publication !

As usual, Léana Zaoui is not cold in the eyes. The young woman hesitates not to climb in temperature. Quite the contrary ! The sulfur-loves-containing contestant of the reality-tv -, shows off her plastic dream. Then on his last photo the ex-girlfriend of Toto posing together with his girlfriend Lola. Ultra-sexy and all tanned, Léana displayed bikini purple very notched. “It was cool this day lol “, she writes in the description.

Léana Zaoui to criticise you on Instagram

On his account Instagram, the cliché that the holiday is a hit ! In fact, more than 94 000 subscribers to the publication of Léana Zaoui love. Then in the comments, the raised compliments. “You’re too beautiful. ” Or “I love you too!! “ And while you do, a subscriber uses the opportunity to ask him the brand of her bikini. ” Where do you get your jerseys 😍 ? “ By the way, the young woman envy made ! Jealous that you commented on : “Why is it that I’m ugly ? That’s not fair. “ This is a good intention !

Other people can’t, however, prevent you criticize. And it is not the first time ! “What is it, what without surgery ? “ calls for a user. Léana Zaoui has a habit of this kind of comments. Under the publication, we read also : “The plastic does not melt in the sun? “ Another writes : “The more time you don’t think you can see that your Breasts removed ? “