Bill Gates Has Obviously Never Predicted That The Spread Of The Virus Before 5 Years Of Age


Earlier, Bill Gates also recalled, when the corona virus is endemic in Africa, the impact could be more severe than that from China.

It is pronounced in a lecture at the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Seattle, USA.

“This disease is endemic in Africa, are the consequences more dramatic than in China. Although we minimise as much as possible to what is happening in China,” said Bill Gates, quoted from the Business Insider South Africa, on Wednesday (26/2/2020).

Gates added, is the corona-virus in Africa, or could not reach, but if Yes, is overwhelmed the health system. According to Bill Gates, the possible effects of the corona virus in Africa South of the Sahara, it will be very dramatic.

Gates added, corona virus could become a pandemic.

Gates also mentioned, the corona virus is more disturbing than Ebola because its spread faster. Even so, the death rate from the virus corona Covid-19 2 per cent lower than Ebola.