Billboard, Doja Cat Ends Country Music’s Dominance

It’s official: Doja Cat he won the position number one from Billboard, ending country music’s long dominance. His Paint the town red actually peaked at the top of the Hot 100 after a wild week commercially.

As of the end of 2022, rap sales and media coverage have plummeted, leaving room for country and pop music. The editors of Rapology had the opportunity to talk in detail about this trend in one of the podcast episodes. I will not sayaccessible HERE.

Doja Cat Tops Billboard Hot 100

It was August 2022 when Nicki Minaj debuted at number 1 on Billboard with his Super freaky girl. Since then, no other rap song has reached this level or even the title level Drake AND Travis Scott – streaming champions – failed to reach second place.

Doja Cat, one of the most talked about characters on the modern stage, has set out to fill this gap. August 14 last year, Paint the town red it opened at number 15 and then began racking up an incredible number of plays in the following weeks.

In less than a month, the track became the first rap song written by a woman to top the chart. 50 million views in a week and also the fourth in history. Rest God’s plan, First grade AND Box.

Apart from the reasons for the success of this song, it is important to highlight two aspects. On the one hand, it actually took more than a year before the rap song returned to the top: a clear indicator of the direction in which market I recently took it.

With the exception of Barbie world, Princess Diana Remix AND All my lifeFor months, Billboard’s top 10 has been the exclusive domain of Dua Lipa, Miley Cyrus, Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs, just to name a few. Country music has always been very popular in the US, but in the first half of 2023 it has experienced exponential growth.

Secondly, for the whole year they were Two women dominate the rap scene, watching the competition from the top rung of the coveted rankings. The fact that Nicki and Doja succeeded where Travis and Drake failed tells us how consolidated the position of women is now in the hip-hop universe.

As if pole position The billboard wasn’t enough Paint the town red he also reached #1 in the ranking UK Singles Chart and in Global 200 billboard consecrating Dodge Cat as a phenomenon of the moment. Scarlethis new album will be released next September 22nd on the same day as the Drezy album.

Let’s get ready for the clash of titans on streaming platforms and ask ourselves which of the two will bring home the most albums sold in its first week. Perhaps the answer is not so obvious.

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