Billie Eilish has deleted all social apps from her phone: I hate the internet

The Grammy Award-winning singer said she is no longer comfortable with the idea behind social media and has distanced herself from it.

Billie Eilish admitted to deleting her social media apps from her phone due to her complicated relationship with the internet. The Grammy Award-winning singer said she’s no longer comfortable with the idea of ​​social media, so she’s decided to distance herself as she explained in “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend,” on the host’s podcast, host along with his brother Finneas. “I don’t watch social media anymore”, said the 21-year-old singer, “I deleted everything from my phone”. This is an important move especially for the singer who has declared herself several times “internet baby”.

The words of Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish is a digital native and explains that for a long time it was an integral part of her, but now something has changed in her personal relationship. There is something wrong, which makes her produce too much anxiety: “For me it was such a big part… not of my childhood, I wasn’t an iPad baby thank God, but honestly, I feel like I grew up at the perfect time when the internet wasn’t so ‘internet’. I had a great childhood and I was doing stuff all the time. Then I became a pre-teen, and there was iPhones.”

Social media after popularity

As her fame grew, her relationship with social media changed, finding herself turned off whenever she was online: “When everyone started talking about me, I started to dislike me. I don’t like me, I told myself.” She then explained that she saw a “serious video” of her describing her as a “horrible person” and that didn’t go down well.

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I tend to believe everything I find on the internet. I know for a fact that it’s stupid and I shouldn’t do it because I have proof that it’s not all true. Almost none of this is true. It’s, like, little things, like little white lies that go over everyone’s head, but then everyone ends up believing them.

Billie Eilish also opened up about her online media presence and body positivity and unrealistic expectations of young women: “If I wear what is comfortable, I am not a woman”she said, “if I undress, instead I’m a whore”. The podcast will be available from March 27th.

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