Billie Eilish talks about Lana Del Rey’s ‘Born to Die’

Without Lana Del Rey, there would be no Billie Eilish. Speaking to Dua Lipa on a recent episode of the At Your Service podcast, the 21-year-old pop star said the 38-year-old American alternative pop singer has completely changed her outlook on music. when he was growing up. Especially with Born to Die 2012.

“I feel like this album has changed music,” Billie Eilish said to Dua Lipa about Lana Del Rey’s second album.won the Visionary Award for Billboard Women in Music 2023. “And above all, she changed music for girls.”

Not only Lana Del Rey: the influence of Billie Eilish

Also mentioned by the seven-time Grammy winner. Believe (2012) e magazines (2013) author Justin Bieber, Because the Internet (2013) author Childish Gambino AND Wiped! (2015) gods Neighborhood had a great influence on his life.

Billie Eilish and Dua Lipa appeared on the soundtrack to the hit film Greta Gerwig Barbie. Their project songs respectively What was I made for? AND dance the night, fought for the top spot in the UK earlier this week. They also talked about how they have grown in the public eye and developed as artists.while Billie Eilish noted that “it’s hard to accept that making new music has changed or become more difficult as we get older.” “Going between 18 and 21 is a big jump,” he added.. “Just mentally, physically and realistically. It was completely different.”

Then, to talk about the progress of her upcoming third album, Billie Eilish said that “Finneas and I are just – I hate to say it – starting to get ready for the next album. But this is good for me. I’m not worried, really. I feel quite comfortable, confident and excited.”

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