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What’s the best movie of last year? The AmoCinema community has the answer.

Last year, we offered a long list of great film productions – in more diverse genres – from Avatar: Breakingwater to Elvis, as well as Pinocchio de Guillermo Del Toro and Mulher Rey. But among all the releases in 2022, there is a film that will hold a special place in the hearts of readers. I love movies and leave the best filming location this year. Watching “Top Gun: Maverick.”

Almost 40 years after Ases Indomáveis, Tom Cruise returned to an unscripted film piloted by Pete Mitchell, proving his ability to once again be an action star with the potential to surprise audiences – and this time the actor left the list on board. on “Lukura” and pilot airline tickets for film.

“This is all real. We need three months of training before we start filming. We worked all the time for almost a year,” says co-star Miles Teller in an interview. I love movies.

What is the story behind Top Gun: Maverick?

In the series Ases Indomáveis, Pete is a pilot who received great recognition for his work, but who, having “made it”, decided to become an instructor and returned as an instructor.

In this new adventure, rebel Maverick seeks to prove that the human element is fundamental in today’s world of technological warfare. Alem of Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer and Jennifer Connelly from the Tom Kazansky and Penny files.

Besides being an AgostoCinema audience favorite, it has also captured the hearts of the world and will return to major cinemas in 2022, bringing over $1.5 billion to our cinemas worldwide.

Alem, I said: Top Shot: Maverick You are also well aware of the awards moment since the beginning of 2023, listed in five Oscar nominations, including Melhor Filme and the award winner Melhor Som.

Top Gun: Maverick is available on Telecine, not Paramount+.

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