Billy Eilish. Ideal in reality: “What was I created for?” – Video

Among the excerpts from the soundtrack of the most publicized film of the year, it is undoubtedly the most anticipated. And we say What was I made for? unprecedented that Billie Eilish wrote specifically for Barbiemovie Greta Gerwig starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as the most famous toys in history, Barbie and Ken.

The song’s message is very much at the heart of the plot, and from the chosen title to how we know its use (we’ll find it in the film’s highlights), the purpose of the study is clear: the contrast between the plastic symbol of beauty and well-being and the real world.

Like Barbie, who in the film’s fiction is catapulted into reality when she realizes the finiteness of life, so Eilish emphasizes its consequences in terms of awareness, identity and the meaning of life itself. Hence the verses I think I forgot / How to be happy / Something I’m not / But something I can be / Something I’m waiting for / Something I’m made for / Something I’m made for what am i made of, performed in an intimate and existentialist tone. This is an important video clip, filmed and performed by the pop star herself.

What was I made for? this is the last excerpt from Barbie Album later, among other things dance the night From Dua Lipa AND Angel PinkPantheress, but also Just Ken performed by Gosling with Slash on guitar.

For Billie Eilish, this song represents the first unpublished song. Hotlines(short) cover Hotlines From Drake released last May. Previously, in 2022, they were not. TV AND 30s as part of an acoustic project Guitar songs. On SA review from his latest album, Happier than everStefano Solventi.

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