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Binance launches scholarship in Latin America to play Axie Infinity

Key facts:
  • To opt for the raffle, those interested have until September 16.

  • Those interested should record videos and post them on their social networks.

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The bitcoin (BTC) exchange, Binance, has embarked on an adventure with Axie Infinity, one of the most popular play-to-earn video games to earn cryptocurrencies of the moment.

In a statement, the company reported that, in order to “promote gambling accessibility in Latin America”, will raffle a full scholarship among those interested to enter the world of Axie Infinity.

In that sense, the winner will have full access to the video game account, as well as the production it generates.

The application to opt for the scholarship It is from September 6 to 16.

Axie Infinity is a trading card game featuring digital pets, called Axies, which are based on non-fungible tokens (NFT). Players fight each other, can breed and trade their fantastic creatures and win cryptocurrencies.

What should you do to opt for the Binance scholarship?

Those interested in the exchange scholarship they will have to follow a series of instructions.

In principle, the participants will post a video on their Twitter account, exposing why do they want to receive the scholarship. Then they have to shoot a video explaining the integration of the Ronin network on Binance and how it benefits Axie players.

The audiovisual must be published on Instagram or Twitter with a mention of the official Binance accounts in Spanish. On Instagram the account is @BinanceSpanish and on Twitter @BinanceES.

“They classify the videos and tweets that have in their description the hashtag #Binance and the label of the official Binance profile in Spanish of the social network used,” the exchange explained.

Those interested must make use of social networks to opt for the scholarship and have until September 16 to participate.

Videos must have a content that is in accordance with the requirements of the exchange and cannot go against the rules of the social network that is used by the contestants.

The account in Axie Infinity will be delivered under the coordination of Binance in the next 15 business days after the winner is announced of the raffle.

The reason for the scholarships

While it is true that it is a game that generates profits, for some people it may be impossible to enter, if they do not have enough funds.

In order to play, CriptoNoticas highlighted that at least three Axies are needed. These vary in price depending on the skills and characteristics that each one has. So that invest around USD 80 and USD 150 for an Axie is a good way to get a creature with good characteristics, without being too expensive.

In case of not having enough money, scholarship programs have been created. It is a business structure within the platform to earn money in the game.

Those who grant the scholarships have multiple accounts that they put to work for their benefit, giving percentages of the winnings to those who trade daily in the game.

In general, the percentages of payment to scholarship recipients vary, but do not drop below 40%, some even give up to 75% of the income to the player. In the case of Binance, will give all the profit to the player.

Digital pets bring food to the table

The growth and popularity of Axie Infinity has even permeated Venezuelan society, due to the profits it can generate for low-income families, hit by the economic crisis.

Last July, CriptoNoticias recounted the experience of a Venezuelan who says earn up to USD 200 in 15 days. This is in a country that has set by the government, the minimum salary in the equivalent of less than 5 dollars a month.

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