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Binance offers full scholarships for Axie Infinity

The exchange The world’s leading Binance offers its users full scholarships to play Axie Infinity. This was reported in a recent post on his news blog. With them, it seeks to open the range of opportunities to its users in Latin America.

The lucky ones who win one of these scholarships will be able to have full access to the accounts and the production in them. To get one of these prizes, users must be selected in a raffle. The way to participate is simple, as only a few steps are enough that will be shown below.

The difficult part is being chosen, since the number of people to participate is not small. However, for those who believe in luck, miracles and gods, they can fill in the participation data and start their rituals.

How to participate for the scholarships of the Binance exchange?

There are few steps that must be followed to participate for a full Axie Infinity scholarship awarded by the Binance exchange. In that sense, the first thing to do is comment on the Binance Twitter account in Spanish (@BinanceES). You must explain the reason why you want to win the scholarship. Also, you will need to use the #Binance tag.

A tip for this first step is that the participant must be creative. The comment must be attractive, fresh. This is a way to increase the chances of being elected to one of the Binance scholarships.

Next comes the BONUS part. In it, the participant must make a video. In it, he will give a brief explanation about the integration of the Ronin network in Binance. Also, how it benefits Axie Infinity players. The video can be published on two social networks, Instagram or Twitter and tagged to the official accounts of the platform. As in the previous step, you must use the #Binance tag.

You must repost the post of the exchange Binance in which it offers scholarships to play Axie Infinity.

Through a raffle, users of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange will be able to access full scholarships.  Source: Binance
Through a raffle, users of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange will be able to access full scholarships.

Axie Infinity, the most popular game of the moment

Among the Blockchain games, Axie stands out, since it is one of the easiest to obtain good income. In that sense, thousands of people have joined this fever of winning by playing. However, the initial investment is high, so many players who want to enter cannot.

The latter gave way to the current wave of people applying for scholarships. Some are dedicated to offering these scholarships by paying small percentages to the players, which constitutes a lucrative business for those who have the funds to invest and put others to play.

Either way, the game continues to go viral. In Latin America, countries with high inflation rates are those that see the greatest number of users. At the same time, the aftermath crises left by the pandemic are another reason for thousands of people to enter this new way of working.

The scholarship situation has been understood by the Binance exchange, which now offers them to help users from the continent. The winners will be able to have full access to the account and, most importantly, to the profits they generate.

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