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Binance will allow Venezuelan Axie Infinity gamers to exchange their in-game SLP tokens for Bolívares

Users who are within the Venezuelan market of the game Axie Infinity, will now be able to buy and sell the SLP token for their local currency, the Bolívar Soberano (VES); through the Binance exchange platform thanks to its new update aimed at gamers of this popular metaverse.

Binance reported through its official blog yesterday, that as of now lAxie Infinity player users who are part of the crypto ecosystem in Venezuela, in addition to having the opportunity and ease of buying and selling SLP; through the P2P platform They will also have the possibility of making the change from the digital currency to Venezuelan Bolívares (VES).

Mainly to carry out this activity the person must be registered on the Binance platform and then be able to proceed to carry out the exchange that seems best to him and needs.

Then the transfer of the SLPs must be made from the Ronin Wallet to MetaMask so that later by entering the SLP address provided by the Binance application itself, the tokens can be transferred to said platform. Once the above is done, the individual must do a transfer operation again but this time taking it within the same Binance to the P2P wallet.

Once there, you will have the option to buy and sell and you must select the option of SLP and VES, where you can finally make the exchange. If the operation is a sale, the money will be deposited in the method selected by the same user and if it is a purchase, the SLP will be stored in the buyer’s fiat wallet.

It should be noted that at the time of carrying out this exchange operation the user will have a list of bidders who will present their conditions regarding the minimum and maximum rate as well as the means by which they will be carried out, since the banks generally specify by which who will do the operation. In the same way, you will also have access to comments from other customers who have already interacted with the bidder and the times he has made sales or purchases.

On the other hand, Axie Infinity is a video game created in 2018 by the company Sky Mavis based on NFT and Ethereum blockchain technology in which participants play player vs. player (PvP).

To initially enter, users must make an investment that will later allow them to win as well as receive payments for playing, payments that will be received in SLP or AXS. Both own and unique tokens of Axie Infinity. The winnings that the players can obtain do not have a fixed rate since the reward will depend on the time they dedicate to the video game.

The game is about having to create characters or as they call them “creatures”That are called Axies, which as the player obtains more profits through battles in which he was victorious, they will be able to improve and reproduce them. Being NFT creatures and therefore collectibles, owners can also sell them as well as buy those of other players.

Until now, since its launch, the video game has had great growth in the blockchain environment and every time it is adding more users who are interested in entering the crypto ecosystem in a different way and at the same time, and what is more striking, earn money playing.

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