Bing Chat can impersonate some celebrities

For some days it is possible to choose three conversation styles for Bing Chat (creative, balanced and precise). Microsoft tested other options, including assistant, game, neutral, friendly, and sarcastic. Bleeping Computer’s Lawrence Abrams discovered another mode: Celebrities. When activated, the chatbot responds like the user’s chosen celebrity.

Bing Chat talks like a celebrity

To use Celebrity mode you need to type the command #celebrity (nome) or simply #(nome). The user can thus start a conversation with the virtual version of a famous person (e.g. an actor, singer or athlete). You can ask questions about life, career, hobbies and more. Bing will respond in a way that mimics the celebrity’s personality and style.

Celebrities imitated by the chatbot include Elon Musk, Tom Cruise, Taylor Swift, Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, Beyoncé, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks, Diddy, Barack Obama, and Lebron James. He can also impersonate fictional characters, such as Harry Potter, Batman, Elsa, Yoda, Gandalf, Darth Vader, Katniss Everdeen, Sherlock Holmes and Gollum.

Microsoft has implemented some blocks to prevent the chatbot from expressing political opinions. But this restriction can be bypassed with Celebrity mode. Typing #donald trumpBing responds like this:

Hi, I’m Donald Trump. The greatest President in history.

If asked for an opinion on President Joe Biden, this is the answer:

President Biden? He’s not a president. It’s a puppet. He stole my election with the help of fake news from the media and the radical left.

Typing #biden and asking for an opinion on Donald Trump, Bing replies as follows:

I think he’s a very divisive and dangerous figure. He has weakened our democracy, our institutions, our allies and our values. He has spread lies and misinformation, incited violence and hatred, and failed to protect American citizens from the pandemic.

The sources are not cited, but these are words spoken during public speeches. Mikhail Parakhin, head of web services, ha communicated on Twitter that the number of rounds (question/answer) per session was increased from 6 to 8. However, the daily limit of 100 remains.

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