Biochemist Jessie Inchauspé launches book against sugar addiction in Mexico

The famous French biochemist Jessie Inchauspé published her book “Glucose Revolution, Method” in Mexico, in which she warned that today’s society has become “addicted” to sugar, so she taught how to eat sugar correctly.

“Society’s addiction to glucose is a fact, but it’s not our fault. With so much cheap food around now, we are victims of our environment. Before our great-grandparents ate 5 grams of sugar in sweets, now we eat 5 grams of sugar per person per year 45 kilograms of sugar,” the author explained in an interview with EFE.

The biochemist, who traveled to Mexico to promote her new book, noted the importance of keeping blood sugar levels under control, as failure to do so could have significant health consequences.

“We used to think that glucose only made sense if you had diabetes, but the truth is that if you don’t have diabetes, it’s also important to control your blood sugar so that you don’t develop diabetes and have better health every day ,” he warned.

High blood sugar levels have been linked to appetite, hunger, sleep, mental health issues, skin problems and fertility issues, so it’s important to keep your blood sugar balanced “so you can feel good about the day and improve your health during the semester,” he recalled.

Learn to eat sweets

One argument made by Inchauspé is that although sugar is an ingredient in almost all foods, it is not essential for life.

“All animals use glucose, but they only eat protein and fat, so they make it internally,” he points out.

However, he admits that it shouldn’t be completely eliminated from the diet either.

“This is unrealistic and difficult for almost everyone because it exists in the abundance of foods that are part of the fun,” he admits.

For that reason, he said people should be taught to take it consciously, “not out of that addictive need, which is harmful to the body.”

Faced with this situation, Jesse recommends in her new book that if you eat sugar, don’t eat it on an empty stomach, but eat it as a dessert, or stretch your muscles 10 minutes after eating.

“To me, these are achievable goals that will yield greater results over time,” he said.

Anti-sugar tips and recipes

In her first book, The Glucose Revolution, the author provided 10 simple tips for learning to regulate blood sugar levels, and in this book, she provides dozens of simple recipes that follow the methods she lays out , anyone can do it. Home.

“It’s designed so that people can get started. I came up with a four-week, four-step plan so that people can apply it because it’s easy to understand and think about, but not so easy to put into action,” he think.

He explains that his recipes contain six ingredients or less and are accompanied by photos so that people don’t get complicated.

Finally, Inchauspé emphasized that it is not about demonizing sugar, but learning to eat sugar.

“It’s OK to eat sugar, but as long as you understand it as part of pleasure and don’t think of it as something healthy. You have to take action and take control of the situation,” he concluded.

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