Bird Box Barcelona, ​​Overview – Have you seen it yet?


Bird box Barcelona is a spin-off of Netflix bird box, a 2018 film starring Sandra Bullock. Whenever a film becomes successful, the platform immediately launches a series of sequels and prequels that cannot be compared to the original film. When Bird box Barcelona we are before spin-off that offers us a local (Spanish) version of the movie with Sandra Bullock.

Movie expands the universe bird box and fromsci-fi horror with darker and bloodier details that don’t always give the desired effect. In addition, there is a background reflection on religious fanaticism, which is of great value when one considers the strong Catholicism in Spain. Lots of reviews other than Quiet placeeven the latest Last of us. A post-apocalyptic world invaded by “alien” figures, in which the father’s feelings stand out. Have you already seen and reviewed something? Let’s find out together.

Grim future

We are in a despotic future where the universe is being invaded by alien beings who, if you look at it, encourage suicide. That is why the survivors, not yet touched by these fatal looks, roam the streets blindfolded. The background is the same as bird box (2018), but this time it’s a road movie on the streets of Barcelona. Main character SebastianMario Casas), having lost his wife, turns out to be without his daughter Anna (Alejandra Howard) and now wanders the streets, getting lost, joining different groups.

Sebastian, however, belongs to a different category of people, however close to madness, who make others look at these creatures. He is a visionary and sees the “aliens” as a positive element, a way to reunite with his daughter. During his journey, he will become especially close to Claire (Georgina Campbell) and little Sophia (Nailya Shubert), who respectively embody the wife and daughter, who are no more.

Bird Box Differences: Between Religion and Violence

The key difference from the 2018 film is religion. IN Bird box Barcelona suicide is seen as a miraculous deliverance, and seeing creatures can transport us to a better world. Then you create gap between ordinary people who runs blindfolded, AND those prophets instead, they exalt their faith.

What makes this spin-off different from the original film is the desire to show us that in bird box it was hidden. The film with Sandra Bullock is much more focused on tension and there suspense set by “invisible”. IN Bird box Barcelonainstead, the focus is on more violent suicide scenes.

The problem, however, is that two directors and creators, Alex Pastor and David Pastor, have pieced together a number of elements from the aforementioned Last of us AND Quiet placepassing through the walking Dead or And the day has come Shyamalan. Result? A tangled mixture, a cauldron of things already seenwhich adds nothing new to the horror/sci-fi universe that has been especially explored in the last decade.

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