Bird Box: Barcelona: plot, review, horror, sandra bullock

OURcase bird box he reigned in 2018 when he came out on Netflix. Low-budget horror film by Suzanne Beer Sandra Bullock AND John Malkovich became a real case that scored record views.

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Spin-off made in Spain is now available on the platform Bird Box: Barcelona. No Sandra Bullock, No Suzanne Beer directing and, above all, no suspense and restlessness of the original. look Bird Box: Barcelona he re-evaluates the previous chapter, which dealt And the day has come M. Night Shyamalan.

Bird Box: Barcelona: scenario

we are in one Barcelona devastation, the effect of mass suicides, already told in the first bird boxcompletely transformed the city, becoming a victim of the so-called “creatures”: it seems that he is in a post-apocalyptic urban dimension Road you hate I’m a legend. Main character Sebastian (Mario Casas), the man who lost his wife and daughter Anna because of the traumatic events that are devastating the world. Is this the Last Judgment? Sebastian he gets traumatized by mourning and becomes something like angel of the apocalypse in search of souls to feed to creatures with one goal in mind: to get your daughter back.

As they say in the film: “The worst thing is not the creatures, but the people who see them.” Here is a new element compared to the first horror. Sebastian is actually “a sighted person“, or a person whose DNA has been altered due to a traumatic event, allowing them to survive the gaze beings. His journey through the streets Barcelona almost unrecognizably looking for the “lost sheep” to sacrifice it to a higher being. See you baby Sofia and Claire this will make him change his point of view. Sebastian’s Nightmare Journey is nothing but a metaphor for the complex funeral treatment.

The success of the first bird box

bird box With Sandra Bullock, John Malkovich AND Sarah Paulson became a hit on Netflix thanks to record viewing. Streamers are trapped in front of a story about Malory, a woman terrified of an unwanted pregnancy who finds herself at the epicenter of the apocalypse. The only way to survive in demons that encourage suicide, wives.don’t look at them.

Sandra Bullock in the movie Bird Box. (Netflix)

For most of the film, in fact Malory she moves blindfolded along with her two children, whom she cannot name except at the end. The journey is disturbing, alla Quiet place (there “monsters” caused a noise). For those who haven’t done it yet, and on those hot summer nights it might be an idea, we recommend immersing yourself in the nightmarish atmosphere of the first bird box (to then move on to a spin-off) based on the novel Josh Malerman 2014.

This time Sandra Bullock is not here.

IN bird box Sandra Bullock kept the whole movie. Camera Suzanne Beer followed in detail the anxieties, fears, thoughts, crazy gestures, courage Malory. However, in the spin-off Sebastian he is almost never alone, he is always accompanied by fellow travelers, whom he instructs, and then feeds to the “creatures”. In other words, if the trip Malory in search of desperate salvation is more painful than Sebastian’s Bird Box: Barcelonamainly due to the interpretation Sandra Bullock.


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