Bird Box Barcelona Trailer: Sandra Bullock Sequel Looks Bigger And Scarier Than The Original.

The new trailer for “Birdbox in Barcelona” explores the threats posed by the original “Birdbox” in the film’s urban setting. In the first film, Sandra Bullock starred as Malory Hayes, a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world filled with mysterious creatures that make people commit suicide by watching them. In Bird Box Barcelona, ​​Mario Casas plays Sebastian, a survivor who faces various threats and challenges in Barcelona, ​​including the creatures introduced in the first Bird Box.

Netflix has released a new teaser trailer for Bird Box Barcelona, ​​which makes the new movie look bigger and scarier than the original Bird Box. The trailer hints that The Bird Box in Barcelona will be much bigger than the original because it takes place in the city. In addition, the teaser contains the line “These creatures, they change”, which could mean that Sebastian will face even more unknown threats in Barcelona.

The new trailer for Bird Box Barcelona confirms the same strong tension in the premise of the first film. It looks like Sebastian will be joining a group of survivors as they venture into the city facing unknown threats, which may include altered monsters from the original movie. Bird Box Barcelona will also see the creatures using places like metro stations to collect more victims.

Since the film will be set in a city, Bird Box Barcelona will likely be very different from its predecessor’s rural setting. While in Bird Box, Malory and her children have taken refuge in an old school for the blind, Bird Box Barcelona doesn’t guarantee Sebastian the same ending. It remains to be seen how new and terrifying the threats in Bird Box Barcelona will be compared to the original film.

Source: Netflix/Youtube.

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