Bird flu alert in Argentina: Dozens of dead sea lions found on Viedma beach

More Dozens of sea lions found dead or showing bird flu symptoms Between El Cóndor Spa and the Punta Bermeja de Viedma Nature Reserve black river, which was confirmed by the Rionegro Minister of Environment and Climate Change and members of the local municipal government.infection that is affecting species Sophora flavescensA sea lion with one hair, thought to be highly pathogenic.

Before They found the carcasses of dozens (over 40) of sea lions in the port of Necochea, Buenos Aires, which is why professionals from the National Agricultural Products Health and Quality Service (Senasa) went to work this Thursday to determine whether it was due to a possible bird flu infection.The same situation also occurs in the province country of fireWhere Twenty-one sea lions were reported dead and at least seven were confirmed to be infected with bird flu. Faced with this situation, the provincial government put up posters to prevent people from entering the Rio Grande City’s coastal sanctuary.

after now New discoveries in the Rio Negrothe authorities stated that “bird flu This is a potentially zoonotic disease., which means it can spread from animals to humans. ” They warn: “The virus is responsible for Can be found in feces and secretions Birds and marine mammals, pose a real risk to people who may come into contact with these animals or their bodily fluids. “

Faced with a large number of investigation results, Senasa collected specimens in the Viedma region they formed interagency working committee The purpose is to monitor the situation, advise the population and disseminate information on the issue. The committee is made up of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, the Environmental Sanitation and Epidemiological Coordination Unit of the Ministry of Health, the municipalities of Viedma, Senasa, the Naval Department of Argentina and the Rio Negro Police Department.

“strongly demand Do not enter affected beach areas“Avoiding contact with these areas can help reduce the risk of contagion,” they asked the agencies.they alsoAnd a reminder that pets are not allowed to go to the beach Because “livestock exposure to the virus is very dangerous and facilitates its transmission.”

Among other recommendations, the authorities recommend Keep a safe distance and avoid direct contact with sea lions or dead birds “Minimize the chance of disease transmission”; Do not touch surfaces that may be contaminated with saliva, mucus or discharge, and If wild or domestic birds become sick or dead, please contact Senasa immediately.

Official means of communication are: Senasa Notification App for Android devices, email to, call 11 5700 5704, fill out the online form or go to the nearest office.

It is worth noting that in early August, Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Argentina declared HPAI-free Following the closure, 18 outbreaks were identified in commercial establishments. In mid-February this year, Senasa passed Resolution 147 to order a nationwide declaration of a health emergency.

According to the portfolio holder, Juan Jose Bashiro, who pointed out Health action against the latest HPAI outbreak in poultry has been completed. in some meaning, National Food Health and Quality Service (Senasa) notification OIE (OMSA) Restoration of Sanitation in Argentine Bird Flu-Free Countryin line with recommendations from international entities.

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