Bird flu confirmed in dead sea lions

Sea lions found off the coast of Necochea and Quiquen have died of bird flurevealed on Thursday that the National Agri-Food Health and Quality Service (Senasa) The agency also confirmed that in the past few hours, there have been “New outbreak of marine mammals in Buenos Aires and Santa Cruz“.

these disturbing events Alarmed by authorities and the scientific communitysince this is a rare phenomenon, and Potentially dangerous to marine animals and possibly for human health.special situation criticizedue to the presence of the virus highly pathogenic avian influenza (IAAP) H5 in sea lions, a species not traditionally associated with such diseases.

Confirmed cases so far include the deaths of “two sea lions from Santa Cruz and 16 sea lions from Necochea.” They are all victims of HPAI H5. In addition, authorities analyzed samples from another 40 dead sea lions found on our beaches with the aim of clarifying whether they were also carriers of the virus.

Adding to the murky situation was a positive case detected in Port Caican, the first time the pathogen has been detected in the province of Buenos Aires. Likewise, the spread of the virus has been observed in Puerto de San Julian, Santa Cruz. Experts are in a race against time to understand the origin of the contagion and how to prevent its further spread.

Against this backdrop of uncertainty, the scientific community has mobilized to investigate and understand the factors that contribute to the spread of HPAI H5 among marine mammals. Over the past few hours, a dozen sea lions have been reported dead in the El Cóndor Spa and Punta Bermeja de Viedma Nature Reserves of Rio Negro. Local and provincial authorities are working in coordination with the National Security Service to determine the exact reasons behind these deaths and take preventive measures accordingly.

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