Bird flu continues to rage: More than 90 sea lions die at Cape Lasso

The Municipality of Camarones reports that the National Service of Sanitation and Quality of Agri-Food (SENASA) has confirmed new cases of highly pathogenic avian influenza among sea lions in the local jurisdiction and in Puerto de Seado (Santa Cruz) .

In this sense, they mention that, during the weekend, a team traveled to Cape Lasso based on information that determined the presence of a large number of dead specimens of sea lions. At the site, it has been confirmed that there are about ninety sea lion specimens of different age groups, which are no longer alive, and about fifteen sea lion specimens have obvious symptoms of illness.

representative Senasa The samples were sent to the laboratory of the state agency in the province of Buenos Aires and the results were positive. Following the investigation, reference staff at the El Chanuito agency where the specimen was found were promptly informed and received advice on the case.

These findings come within the framework of nationwide surveillance operations and hygiene measures to prevent the disease. Furthermore, in the protocols for collecting samples from animals, the burial sites of animals killed by the disease are determined with local authorities to avoid any type of contamination or contagion from other animals or people.

National health agencies are implementing intervention programs for these cases in collaboration with municipal, provincial and national agencies to coordinate health strategies and actions to control the outbreak and to provide reliable information.

SENASA advises against handling dead animals or animals with suspicious symptoms. Likewise, producers, institutions, and the public are reminded that notification must be made if high mortality, neurological, digestive, and/or respiratory symptoms of susceptible species are found in wild birds or in commercial or backyard poultry.

It is also advised not to travel to poultry farms or wildlife habitats after exposure to dead or symptomatic animals.

Source: Channel 12 Network

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