Bird flu in Necochea: they advise against sea taxidermy

Precautionary appeals in and around Necochea as cases emerge Avian influenza among sea lion populations in the region. Although there have been no human infections in the country so far, health authorities have warned that care and precautions are needed.

Necochea City Minister of Health, Andrea Perestiucemphasizing the importance of avoiding any type of contact with marine specimens, especially with sea lions, because these people may be carriers of the virus. In Perestik’s words, “As a group, our first consideration is that no one is currently approaching any specimens of marine fauna, primarily wolves, let alone animals that are moribund or dead.”

Although there have been no documented cases of bird flu virus transmission from animals to humans in Argentina, authorities have stressed that transmission occurs through animal secretions and direct contact. Therefore, prudence and prudent measures are essential to avoid any possible risks.

In response to the situation, a crisis committee was created that brought together different agencies, including the National Service for the Health and Quality of Agricultural Products (Senasa), the Union of Port Quacken Management, the Argentine Ministry of the Navy and the Ecological Police. Although the action plan for these cases falls under the jurisdiction of the National Health Service, the Ministry of Health has prepared a plan for handling suspected human transmission. As of now, no human-to-human transmission cases have been reported in the country.

Crisis committees are currently working together to determine the measures that must be implemented in the coming hours. Senasa’s leadership will be critical in this process as its experience and knowledge will guide decisions made in response to this health emergency.

While the fear is understandable, it is important to remember that collaboration between agencies and compliance with health recommendations are key to effectively addressing this situation. Citizens also have an important role to play by paying attention to the guidelines issued by authorities to prevent the spread of the virus and keep communities and local animals safe.

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