Bird flu kills more than 12,000 animals in Atacama

In a report sent by SENAPRED Atacama, and provided by the agricultural and livestock services sag and sernapesca, they describe the situation in the region in terms of a preventive warning of animal health events from avian influenza, a disease that has affected most of the region. country’s coastal fauna.

On August 13, 19 new outbreaks were reported in the areas of Caldera, Huasco, Freirina and Chañaral, covering 10 areas, mainly beaches.

The registry contains nearly 9,800 dead birds, 476 dead Humboldt penguins, one dead Magellanic penguin, six penguins, two sperm whales, one dolphin and nearly 2,000 sea lions who died from bird flu.

In view of this situation, it is decided to maintain the preventive warning currently in effect. Its purpose is to maintain continuous monitoring and coordination in order to respond quickly to any reports of animal illness or death along the Atacama coastline.

SAG Atacama advises that such cases can be reported by calling +569 35419488. Finally, they warned the community not to approach or handle the carcasses of dead animals.

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