Bird flu outbreak confirmed in Uruguay’s sea lion population

The outbreak occurred in a nature reserve with the largest mammal community in the region.

the authorities Uruguay They warned on Monday about the risks posed by an outbreak of avian influenza (H5N1) in Punta del Este’s sea lion population.

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The outbreak of this marine mammal is located in the protected area of ​​Isla Lobos, eight kilometers southeast of the southernmost tip of Uruguay.

This is a nature reserve home to the largest sea lion colony in the Western Hemisphere, and so far it’s unclear whether the infection is due to ingestion by a carrier bird or infection between companions within the same species, Telesur reports.

vulnerable species

Dozens of sea lion carcasses were found off the coast of Uruguay, all of which are presumed to have been infected with the avian influenza virus.

Experts in the country say sea lions are a susceptible species, but it has not yet been confirmed whether there is contagion between them.

A recent study found that the cases may be linked to the arrival of the variant in wild birds migrating along the Pacific coast through Latin America and later jumping between species.

Local authorities advise avoiding beaches with livestock while surveys are conducted of animal carcasses that are geo-referenced and buried in the sand on a daily basis.

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