Birthday of Ekaterina Kukhar. Five ballerina performances worth seeing

Katerina Kukhar celebrates her birthday. Prima is 39 years old (Photo: press service)

Today, January 18, the prima ballerina of the National Opera of Ukraine Ekaterina Kukhar, the strictest among the judges of the popular show Dances with Stars, celebrates her birthday.

Since 2020, Kukhar is also acting. director of the main choreographic school of the country. Thanks to her name, the number of fans of ballet art in Ukraine is growing every year.

In honor of the birthday of the prima ballerina, we suggest recalling five fateful performances by Ekaterina Kukhar, which must be watched.

Part of Mashenka in the play Nutcracker

The first batch and immediately the main one. For the first time and immediately on the big stage – Bunka Kaikan in Japan. At the age of 16, while still in her first year of college, Katerina made her bright debut in Japan as Mashenka from the ballet The Nutcracker. Masha in her performance is a real gullible little girl who wants to be protected from the evil king of mice and his soldiers. Then, for this role, Katerina received her first fee – $ 1,000 and bathed a vase for her grandmother in Japan – she wanted to make a memorable gift for her love and the contribution she made to her ballet career.

Photo: Press Service

By the way, it was in this performance that Catherine first paired with Alexander Stoyanov. After which they became inseparable both on stage and in life.

The role of Androgyne in the play Children of the Night

The performance of the night Children ( Children of the Night) was created specifically for Catherine Kuhar and Alexander Stoyanov. Inspired by their love story, and like an unearthly relationship, the choreographer from Germany – Alexander Abdukarimov – created a modern ballet, which premiered in Kiev in 2018.

Katerina and Alexander told a love story with their bodies – the legend of androgynes. These creatures once had two pairs of arms and legs in one body, two faces on one head, were powerful and challenged Zeus himself. For disobedience, Zeus punished them and divided them into two parts – male and female. Since then, each of these parts has been forced to search for its soul mate. The phrase Find your soul mate appeared thanks to this particular legend.

By the way, you can watch the performance on February 21 at the October Palace.

Photo: Press Service

The role of Giselle in the performance of the same name Giselle

Few people know that Ekaterina Kukhar’s desire to become a ballerina appeared at the age of seven, after watching the play Giselle, in which the main role was performed by the legendary Italian prima ballerina Carla Frachi.

The audience knows that in Ukraine it is worth going to this performance when Ekaterina Kukhar is dancing the part of Giselle. It is her talent as a dramatic actress that makes it possible to fully understand ballet and visit as if in another world, to comprehend the feelings and emotions of the main character.

Photo: Press Service

This is a story about a naive girl who is deceived by her lover, from which she dies and becomes one of the Willis – a vengeful and tough spirit. They settled scores with young men at night.

Mavka’s part in the ballet Lisova Pisnya

Having danced the part of Mavka in the play Lisova Pisnya, Kateryna received the title of Honored Artist of Ukraine. The performance can be watched only 2 times a season – at the opening and closing of the ballet season at the National Opera of Ukraine.

Photo: Press Service

Juliet in the play Romeo and Juliet

The role of Juliet literally wrested Ekaterina Kukhar from the clutches of depression during the most difficult period of her life, when she lost her first child. The role literally brought Catherine back to life and onto the stage (the ballerina was 25), where she was able to convey all the pain of losing a dear person. Prior to this role, Kuhar had never danced dramatic performances.

Photo: Press Service