Bit2Me conquers Puerta del Sol with a giant canvas with a message that does not go unnoticed

Bit2Me displays more than 300 posters in highlights of the capital while its ICO takes place. The first phase was completed in 59 seconds (€ 5 million) and in the second phase they beat their own record by reaching 7.5 million in 47 seconds. On Tuesday 21 the third phase will take place in which you can still schedule purchases of your B2M utility token from

Bit2Me, a Spanish company that offers technological financial services based on cryptocurrencies, has deployed a spectacular 23 meter by 15 meter canvas on the Sun Gate with the legend “Bitcoin: welcome to the independent republic of your pasta”.

This action completes the advertising campaign at street level that in recent days has filled Madrid with 300 posters in which they have been able to read different and funny slogans, such as “You live in the year 12 after Crypto” -in allusion to the year of the birth of Bitcoin- or “To all the pickpockets of Madrid, we are sorry”, referring to the new digital payment methods. Places as emblematic of Madrid as Puerta del Sol itself, Gran Vía, Plaza de España, Plaza de Colón, Paseo de Recoletos, Plaza de Castilla or Cuatro Caminos have been chosen for the campaign.

Bit2Me celebrates in this way the resounding success of its ICO, with which it has reached more than 15 million euros through its B2M token. The first 2.5 million were obtained in a previous private sale held in early August. Just a few weeks later, the first phase of the ICO reached 5 million euros – captured in just 59 seconds – while in the second phase, 7.5 million euros were achieved in 47 seconds. The third and final phase will take place on September 21.

B2M token owners will enjoy different benefits, such as discounts of up to 90% in commissions, better conditions in the different associated services and governance to decide the future of the company in certain aspects. Those who wish to participate in the ICO and queue to receive their tokens can schedule the purchase using a form available at

Bit2Me has starred in other campaigns with street signs in other European countries such as Italy, Portugal, Andorra or Monaco, to publicize tools that help the management of cryptocurrencies. From its Suite, Bit2Me offers more than 60 virtual currencies, such as Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, Uniswap or Bitcoin itself. The platform is available in more than 80 countries around the world.

Other milestones

Bit2Me has recently added talent of recognized prestige in the technology and financial sector, as is the case of Baldomero Falcones, who joins the platform as Senior Advisor. Falcones has been world chairman of Mastercard between 2002 and 2006 and Chairman of FCC. Its objective is to develop the Bit2Me Card business, which offers a next-generation Mastercard card connected to the crypto world to pay in euros or virtual currencies. It is also in the team Zeeshan Feroz, Former CEO of Coinbase in Europe and UK. Your task is to accompany Bit2Me in its ICO, the largest to date launched in Spain.


Contact name: Daniel Rodríguez Moreno

Contact phone: 910 913 788


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