Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies: there is panic but the trend is “up”

Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrencies fell again this Friday, January 14 Y investors feel “extreme fear”, according to the Fear and Greed index that analyzes the emotions and sentiments of the crypto market.

Source: Fear and Greed Index

The most valuable cryptocurrency in the entire ecosystem, Bitcoin, fell 4% and remains stagnant in the $42,000. Ether, for its part, remains above the $3,000 and shows no signs of “breaking” this resistance level.

Other digital currencies like Binance Coin, Solana, Cardano, XRP, Luna, and Polkadot also saw declines ranging from 2-5%.

Bitcoin falls but these 2 cryptocurrencies challenge it

At the moment, there are only two benefited cryptocurrencies: the first is Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency “meme” of the dog that became popular on social networks. In the last seven days, it has given its investors 21% profits and each digital coin is trading at US$0.19.

The second cryptocurrency is near and left a weekly profit of 22%. Behind the crypto, there is a decentralized application platform that is used to develop other applications with real uses on the internet.

Near is the native token used by investors to process transactions and store data on that platform; and to vote and define the future of the network.

Bitcoin: how much can the cryptocurrency be worth in 2022


According to various analyzes of Tradingview, a platform that brings together experts in technical analysis, Bitcoin is becoming “predictable” and this behavior is similar to previous behavior.

“Bitcoin is becoming stable and predictable. What is happening today is 75% conducive to previously seen rates”, explains a user and warns that the cryptocurrency will drop to $38,000 and then start to rise until reaching an all-time high of $72,000.

Source: Tradingview.

Another user shares this view, saying that Bitcoin will hit a “double bottom” before rising to $69,000, its latest all-time high. “Bitcoin structure is bullish”, underlines.

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