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Bitcoin are accepted as a form of payment by Tampico medical business

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Plus business from Tamaulipas join the option of offering customers the payment of services through the cryptocurrencies. In this case the Alpro Medical Group, From Tampico and with a presence both in the southern part of the state and in Monterrey, announced the option of this economy model.

Through its official account on social networks the medical store with branches in Tampico, Madero City, Altamira, as well as the capital of New Lion, founded in 1986, announced the use of this currency as another form of payment for the use of its products or services.

“The future is today! In Alpro Medical Store we accept your payment with Bitcoin “, unveiled the local health industry company over the weekend. So far, it is the only establishment of its kind to offer this transaction in the state.

It should be noted that a cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can be used for buy goods and services, whose difference is the use of a strongly encrypted electronic record, to guarantee the integrity of the operations in favor of the client and the businesses at the time of covering the amount.

This franchise with stores in the municipalities of Northeast Mexico mentioned above, covers a market where it acts as a supplier in the areas of medical supplies and equipment, laboratory, imaging, surgical instruments, medical furniture, healing and high specialty.

Restaurant leads the way

Last March and through the gastronomic industry, was how the modality of cryptocurrencies was offered to consumers on Tampico. This announcement came from the Los Machetes restaurant, business of Mexican food located in the port.

For this alternative, payment is made through the application of Bitso with the QR code, that the same place provides.

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