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Bitcoin bounced and surpassed $ 47,000: What do analysts see?

According to financial analyst Renato Campos, cryptocurrencies They continue to record positive days despite the negative close that Bitcoin presents on Saturday afternoon.

“The recent statement from AMC and its project to use it as a payment currency in its tickets seems to be promising, however, it does not meet the high expectations that were developed with the irruption of Amazon and a possible use of Bitcoin in its physical and online stores , which translates into a drastic change in the use and appreciation of Bitcoin in the traditional market. However, Amazon discarded these rumors in due course, “he said.

For the analyst, the renewed impulse obtained by the Bitcoin It seemed to signal new advances but in the daily charts the bullish tone “seems to have been exhausted” which may condition the movement to rise in the short term. At the moment, there are values ‚Äč‚Äčthat suggest a possible “greater downward displacement, even below US $ 30,000,” he anticipated.

It is worth remembering that greater movements are being reflected in international markets. The restrictive measures that spread throughout the world due to the threat of new variants of coronavirus, the border closures added to the pressure exerted by a dollar that once again loses ground despite the data of a more moderate inflation in its latest report, generate increased volatility and pressures on cryptocurrencies.

Other analysts believe that beyond the last stumble, which would be motivated by the biggest hacker attack in the history of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is heading to new historical peaks that could even take it to US $ 100,000 by the end of the year.

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