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Bitcoin Core developer to receive $ 80,000 as donation from mining company

Bitcoin mining equipment distributor Compass Mining announced an $ 80,000 donation to Bitcoin Core developer Jon Atack through the Human Rights Foundation (HRF).

The firm noted in a press release that it is joining two other bitcoin mining companies, Braiins and Marathon Digital Holdings, in financing the development of Bitcoin Core. The Compass Mining contribution constitutes a one-year subsidy for Atack, and is carried out through HRF, the statement said.

“We believe it is essential that Compass supports the development of the protocol on which our entire industry is based,” said Whit Gibbs, CEO of Compass. “Without contributors like Jon, the speed and quality of Bitcoin’s development would suffer dramatically. Our entire team is excited to build a relationship with Jon and support his important work, ”said Gibbs.

As reported by CriptoNoticias, Jon Atack, has already received grants from companies like Square Crypto, to support his work on Bitcoin Core. This medium also reviewed the integration of the Internet Invisible (I2P) privacy project to Bitcoin Core, an initiative led by Atack.

Regarding the contribution to developer Jon Atack, HRF Chief Strategy Officer Alex Gladstein said: “HRF is delighted to be working with Compass to support Jon and Bitcoin Core. Jon has been a vital contributor to the world’s open source money project and we look forward to helping make his work possible this year. “

Atack is a prolific Bitcoin developer, reflecting on his Github profile 1,924 contributions in the last 12 months. He started collaborating on Bitcoin Core in March 2019 and was incorporated as a developer in November of that year. It is ranked # 14 among Bitcoin Core developers for number of contributions to the code, with 434 «commits»Or changes registered in said code. Marco Falke and laanwj lead this list with more than 1,700 commits each.

Although contributions to Bitcoin developers from companies in the bitcoin ecosystem have increased, in the past these initiatives almost did not exist, to the point that some developers considered looking for work in development companies, as we reported in this medium. When you look at the intense activity of developers, current grants may not be enough to make their important work sustainable.

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