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Bitcoin fever hits Honduras

At the beginning of last week, the first cryptocurrency ATM was inaugurated in Honduras, amid a fever that is beginning to unleash in Central America for virtual assets as a result of the upcoming debut of Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador.

In Tegucigalpa is located “la bitcoinera”, an ATM that already allows you to acquire the most used cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, with lempiras, the local currency; It is managed by TGU Consulting Group, of the Honduran Juan Mayén.

The 28-year-old said he hopes the ATM startup can meet the growing demand for cryptocurrencies in the country and help educate Hondurans about crypto assets.

“There was no automated way you could buy cryptocurrencies,” he said in a telephone interview with Reuters.

“If you wanted, you had to do it peer-to-peer (person to person), look for someone who had, who was willing to do it, meet in person and carry X amount of cash, something very inconvenient and dangerous with the environment in Honduras, “he added.

At the moment, in “la bitcoinera” you can only buy cryptocurrencies. In the future it may also be sold and, according to reception, more units will be installed in the coming months.

The cashier has KYC diligence measures (know your customer): it requires scanning an official identification, and completing security data such as a phone number, and purchases are limited to 9,000 lempiras (about $ 380).

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