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Bitcoin Mixer Helix creator guilty of money laundering

  • Larry Dean Harmon, creator of the Bitcoin Mixer platform, Helix, pleaded guilty to the existing money laundering charges against him.
  • Bitcoin Mixer Helix founder also pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges related to former dark web market giant Alphabay.
  • Larry Dean Harmon will cooperate with authorities as required as part of the investigation of the charges against him.

According to a series of reports and reports, Larry Dean Harmon, known for being the creator of the Bitcoin Mixer Helix platform, pleaded guilty to the existing money laundering charges against him., according to a guilty plea issued by the court.

The founder of the crypto service, indicated to the court, his intention to cooperate with authorities in what is required as part of the investigation of the charges against him, which will cover the years that the digital service operated, that is, from 2014 to 2017.

300 MDD in Bitcoins were sent anonymously

As part of the accusations against Harmon, it is noted that more than $ 300 million in Bitcoins were transferred to the Bitcoin Mixer Helix service, in addition to having been sent in complete anonymity.

However, Charles Flood, current legal representative of the accused, indicated that his client made use of the system known as double-blind system (double blind system), which is why Harmon was not aware of the amount of digital assets that were channeled through its service.

An interesting point to consider about this case is that my client used a system known as double blind, which Harmon established with Helix. […] While the defendant admits that he broke the law and was in fact laundering money and knew it was drug proceeds, he never really knew the exact amount that was laundered.”Flood said in the federal courtroom on August 18.

Bitcoin Mixer, smoke screen to cover up criminal businesses

Through a press release issued on February 13 of last year by the United States Department of Justice, IRS Chief of Criminal Investigation Don Fort noted that the intentions of the now accused were to cover up funds.

The sole objective of the operations carried out by Harmon was to hide various criminal transactions from the eyes of the police in the Darknet, however, thanks to our growing experience in this sector, it did not have the opportunity to carry out that purpose.“Fort pointed out at the time.

Government will confiscate properties

As part of the judicial process, the United States government headed by President Joe Biden, is in the search to proceed legally with the confiscation of 3 properties that the defendant has in the state of Ohior.

According to a statement issued by the US court handling Harmon’s case, the government is seeking to seize Harmon’s 2 properties located in Akron, Ohio, along with a third, which is located in Aurora, Colorado. .

The main objective of the conspiracy carried out by Harmon and other individuals, was none other than to be able to obtain a large amount of money through the operation of the money laundering service of the so-called ‘digital gold’, which had the intention to hide all their activities through their platform, which would allow the accused to promote the illegal sale of Darknet drugs, among other criminal activities”, Can be read in the documents issued by the Department of Justice.

It should also be noted that the founder of Bitcoin Mixer Helix, also pleaded guilty to the conspiracy charges against him related to the former market giant of the Alphabay darknet.

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