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Bitcoin pioneers begin to criticize and turn their backs on cryptocurrencies | Technology

Part of the scene that turned cryptocurrencies into a global phenomenon have begun to criticize them for ending up being what they initially fought for. Will this affect its value?

Few things hurt more than reading that someone messes with your ideals and way of seeing life. It goes with human nature: we cannot be wrong, in any case others will be.

For this reason, when someone raises their voice to criticize a practice that is being supported by many, it is normal to read insults and humiliations. And that is exactly what is happening to all those who, currently, openly doubt Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

This is passable, it goes with the profession. But things change when those criticisms come from those who launched said coins and they tell you that nothing is as they believed.

As we have learned thanks to a report in the Financial Times, much of the scene that has led to crypto being considered a real alternative to traditional money now repudiates Bitcoin and other currencies.

For many, cryptocurrencies were a technology that promised to tackle the inefficient and rusty financial system and replace it with something better, fairer.

But, over the years, they saw the sector turn into what they had sworn to fight. It was just another tentacle of stark capitalism, they explain.

Despite the catastrophic statements of some who saw the light after years of deceit, there are other very important and influential figures who continue to trust cryptocurrencies. As is the case with Jack Dorsey, founder of Twitter, which He claims it will bring world peace … one day.

Throughout the article we see positions for and against, as you are seeing. But none of them reach the level of Jackson Palmer, creator of the famous Dogecoin coin, who in July He made some pretty harsh statements about it:

It is an inherently right-wing hypercapitalist technology that uses a network of shady business connections to extract new money from the financially naive and desperate.“.

It can be said, looking at the panorama, that cryptocurrencies are a source of discussion that does not seem to end, and that they will not cease to be the center of all conversations until they disappear or, on the contrary, dominate the world economy. Time will tell us what ends up happening.

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