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Bitcoin recovers and touches $ 50,000: will it continue to rise?

Regarding the main cryptocurrencies, Etherum It also had a boost and exceeds $ 3,200 and Cardano, it shoots up 10% to $ 2.79.

Another cryptocurrency that continues to rise is Binance Coin exceeding 12% increase in the last seven days. The digital currency that fell the most in the last 24 hours was XRP marking a negative of 1.59% and 3.07% for the week. The one that is positioning itself the most is Solarium, which in the last week exceeded 60% growth.

In April and May 2021, the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies floating in cyberspace rose to a level close to $ 2.5 trillion. After nearly halving in value, it again approached the $ 2 trillion level on August 17.

Bitcoin it fell from $ 65,520 on the April 14 close futures contract to a low of $ 28,800 at the end of June. Etherum, the second largest member of the asset class, plummeted from $ 4,406.50 to $ 1,697.75 from the May high to the June low.

Volatility is a hardship for passive investors. Meanwhile, price swings create a haven of opportunity for those who keep an eye on the markets.

Can the price of Bitcoin hit $ 100,000 this year?

The analyst Carlos Maslatón He talked about the price of Bitcoin, took a historical tour of the price of Bitcoin and expressed some forecasts. “Bitcoin is going towards a million dollars, but it will not be soon, nor will it get there directly,” he said bluntly.

Looking towards a future horizon, taking into account “all the movement that is now being navigated”, and thinking of a maximum amount, Maslatón spoke of two figures to take into account thinking about where the price of Bitcoin will go in the short term. “I have two numbers: one is USD 357,934. What is now worth 49,212 is targeting the figure of $ 357,934. The second possible extension is 464,342. We go to one of those two levels, ”he clarified.

Will it reach a million dollars? “We are going towards the green stick (a million dollars) of Bitcoin but not directly. We are going further ahead, indirectly ”, remarked Maslatón.

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