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Bitcoin starts the week surpassing $ 51,800! How much will we pay for ethereum or dogecoin? We analyze the pairs BTCUSD, ETHUSD and DOGEUSD

Bitcoin starts the week topping $ 51,800!  How much will we pay for ethereum or dogecoin?  We analyze the pairs BTCUSD, ETHUSD and DOGEUSD

In the article you will discover:

How much will we currently pay for bitcoin, ethereum or dogecoin?

According to the metric that measures the so-called supply shock, bitcoin should be worth at least $ 55,000. However, as analyst Willy Woo explains, it is a conservative estimate, as there are other metrics, such as the SS exchange, which has reached levels never seen before.

The value of bitcoin against the dollar

The BTCUSD pair is starting the day by hovering around the $ 51800.00 level. The highest peak is currently at $ 51,964.09, slightly above yesterday’s high, touched at $ 51903.65. For now, the cryptocurrency is holding the ground back against the US dollar and is down no more than $ 51,522.38, marking the current low well above Sunday’s low of $ 49,499.79. Now, we will pay 51,686.17 USD for one bitcoin.


The ETHUSD exchange rate

Ethereum managed to break above the $ 3,980.00 level yesterday, rising to $ 3,983.12. However, he did not have enough energy to stay in this area. The highest value reached today so far is at $ 3,963.06, while the low is located at $ 3,899.20, above the lowest point of the previous day, marked at $ 3,837.60. Right now, Ethereum is trading at $ 3,917.35.


How many dollars will we pay for dogecoin?

The DOGEUSD pair bounced strongly yesterday and today maintains the ground recovered. Today’s highest peak is at $ 0.31673612 and is higher than yesterday’s high of $ 0.31547693. The dogecoin remains strong and has not fallen more than as low as $ 0.30986450, far from the low of the previous day, located at $ 0.29874759. Currently, this cryptocurrency is trading at $ 0.31146000.


Currency pairs


Exchange rate


Bitcoin exchange rate against the dollar


51,686.17 USD

06.09.21, 7:13

Ethereum exchange rate against the dollar


3917.35 USD

06.09.21, 7:13

Exchange rate of dogecoin against the euro


$ 0.31146000

06.09.21, 7:13

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