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“Bitter Land”: This is the protagonist of the Turkish series that they compare with Angelina Jolie

In the midst of the surprising growth of Turkish series in Latin America and the world, everyone talks about the new production “Bitter Land”, which has as its protagonist a Hilal Altinbilek an actress of Albanian descent who by her factions compare with Angelina Jolie.

Altinbilek is 30 years old and impersonated Züleyha Altun in a story of legendary romance with Yilmaz Akkaya, the character played by actor Ugur Günes, 33, details the magazine Hello.

The series, set in 1970, originally premiered in September 2018 and has three seasons. It presents the drama of a couple of boyfriends who after a murder must leave their homes and change the course of their lives posing as brothers.

Who is the protagonist of “Bitter Land”?

Hilal Altinbilek had her first steps in acting since she was a child, when she reached small roles, but her big debut was in 2011 in “Derin Sular” or “DeepWaters”, review The Trade.

The actress who plays Züleyha Altun in “Bitter Land” is compared to Angelina Jolie because she has similar features to those of the American celebrity such as her lips, large and deep eyes, as well as a peculiar beauty. Both actresses also have the same size.

The beautiful performer of the performance has on her Instagram account almost a million followers, some of whom admire her since she participated in a beauty contest in Turkey, in which she ranked among the five most beautiful. She also dabbled in modeling.

This is Züleyha’s great love

Altinbilek is the great love of Ugur Günes in the plot of “Bitter Land”, a relationship that was rumored in Turkey went beyond the screen, although it was never confirmed.

The handsome actor who plays Yilmaz took his challenge in the tv play very seriously, so he learned to ride a horse and lost 10 kilos to carry his character as best as possible.

The professional appeal of acting is graduated in the career of Letters, History and Theater. In the series he is a young man in love who wants to marry Züleyha and in adversity does everything to defend her from his attackers, while suffering pretending to be his brother. The actor also made his television debut in 2011.

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