Black Adam, no sequel due to checks? Dwayne Johnson Disagrees

Dwayne Johnson is not a good fit: if there is no sequel planned for his Black Adam, then for him it is only due to the change of course of Warner and the new DC Studios. A disappointing collection for The Rock doesn’t count.

Black Adams With Dwayne Johnson just released last October and already seems to belong to another era: a film with Rock was met by critics and the public rather coldly, and in the revision of plans with new DC Studios From James Gunn AND Peter Safran, we know that there is no place for an anti-hero right away. Guest on Hart to Heart hosted by colleague and friend Kevin HartDuane has his own interpretation of the decision … and for him it has nothing to do with cash.
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Black Adams From Jaume Colle-Serrawhich was worth about $250 million only brought home $393,300,000 in the world (Boxofficemojo source), leading to box office failure. Second Dwayne Johnson alias Rock, who for many years was the producer of the project and played the main character, this decision has nothing to do with the final result of the film. friend Kevin Harthis new colleague Jumanjisaid the following:

I think that Black Adam caught in the maelstrom of new leadership. (…) There have been so many changes in the leadership of Warner Bros… whenever a company, a publicly traded company, has all these changing upstairspeople are coming who will creatively and financially decisions you may not agree withphilosophically.

Dwayne speaks like a politician, stingy with words, but we know howHenry Cavill exception from the new DC Universe, after he struggled to re-accept DC Extended Universe Superman: we only thought about Black Adam 2where they would collide as announced scene in the credits in the first movie. Since when opening he bought Warner Bros.CEO David Zaslav he took unpopular decisions to get the company back on track and steer it into the future, starting almost from scratch. He has, for example canceled already filmed Batgirlalthough – on the flop of the vaunted pour Flash (worth 200 million, 268,400,000 worldwide) – it’s hard not to admit that a change of course had to be considered. It will be necessary to check whether the new route will actually prove to be more profitable.

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