“Black Adam was the victim of a management change at Warner” – Lo Spacio Bianco

Speaking of colleague Kevin Hart’s podcast, heart to heartactor Dwayne Johnson he spoke again a few months later black adam, arguing that the film about the DC Comics character was the victim of many changes at the top of Warner.

I think Black Adam is caught in a maelstrom of new management,” Johnson said, adding that the film “has suffered a bit due to Covid-related disruptions.

So many management changes. Every time you have a business, a publicly traded company, and you have all these leadership changes, you have people who come in and creatively, financially, make decisions that you can disagree with, from a philosophical point of view. vision.
I think Black Adam is one of those films that is caught in a web of new leadership. And this will always be one of the biggest mysteries, I think, not only for me and for us on our side, but for our entire industry.

Johnson also added that he and others are wondering why, given the box office performance (some sources believe the project was not profitable) and other positive aspects of the film, Black Adam was not included in the new DCU. James Gunn.

This question is being asked on Wall Street and in Hollywood. You had the biggest discovery of your career. Certainly not China. It could be, maybe 100 million, maybe another 200 million dollars. You create a new superhero. Do you want to develop a franchise? You bring Superman and Henry Cavill back to life. World has gone mad. And what’s more, we’ve created a diverse portfolio of superheroes…

As business people, you and I, who always think that “the public comes first”, we look at and respect economic profit, but also when you think about opportunities and creating opportunities and creating new things for our public – which is our number one goal – when this goal is not achieved, it makes things a bit more difficult for guys like you and me.

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