Black and white moccasins, the 2023 trend that revisits a classic from the 50s

Black and white moccasins, the 2023 trend that evokes 50s atmospheres

Loafers will be the strongest chaussures trend of 2023. Because there is no doubt that these flat shoes, comfortable, with a classic and elegant aesthetic, they have managed to conquer fashion insiders, celebs as well as street style.

The explanation undoubtedly lies in their comfort and versatility, which sees them available in an infinite number of colours, shapes and styles. If the most popular moccasins are black, classic or chunky, always worn with white socks, those who don’t love too much the preppy style they refer to can consider the black and white moccasins, less obvious and steeped in history and imagination.

In the 50s, the penny loafers – the moccasins with the iconic mask on which college students inserted a penny as a lucky charm – which identified the respectable preppy looks of American collages, were joined by the two-tone black and white models, adopted by the fathers of rock American, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley. These bolder loafers are making a comeback on the fashion scene – fans include Justin Timberlake, Bella Hadid, who styled them with a plaid miniskirt and track jacket, and sister Gigi, who wears them instead with baggy pants and a blazer masculine – thanks to their somewhat nostalgic and timeless charm.

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