Black Bits (2023) Alessio Liguori



Conning and robbing Black Bits, a company operating on the dark web, seemed like an impossible task, but Dora and Beth pulled it off. Now these two, having received two priceless neurochips of the latest generation, are hiding in a futuristic “Safe House” away from the rest of the world. However, their well-deserved calm is disrupted by strange events and the unexpected presence of a man: Hank, a seemingly silent man who does not fit into their plans at all. Who is he really? And what does he want from them? Two girls must watch their backs and prepare for the worst: the reality that surrounds them is more dangerous than they imagine, and nothing is as it seems…


Black Bits movie poster



Original name: Black bits
Direction: Alessio Liguori
Country/year: Italy, Poland / 2023
Duration: 82′
Type: Thriller
Throw: Amelia Clay, Jordan Alexandra, Leonardo Ferrantini, Sebastian Fabizanski, Yvonne Mai
Film script: Daniele Coschi, Carlo Andrea Maucci, Fabio Sieni
Photo: Luca Santagostino
Assembly: Luigi Mirelli
Music: Shimon Sutor
Director: Marta Leone, Santo Versace, Simona Ferri, Gianluca Curti, Cesare Fragnelli, Marco Tempera, Alessandro Leone
Production house: Aggressive Banda, Minerva Pictures, Play Entertainment
Distribution: More stories, Minerva Pictures Group

Release date: 03/08/2023


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