Black Desert Developers Show Corsair Skills

Today, June 29, an update will be installed on the Russian-language servers of MMORPG Black Desert, which will bring a new Corsair class into the game, which will become the 23rd in a row. In honor of this event, the authors of the project from the Pearl Abyss studio have published a fresh trailer, which is designed to acquaint players with the new combat unit.

In the video, a female character, dressed in pirate clothes, dashingly copes with opponents with the help of a sharp saber and skills with a water effect. The Corsair’s sword is magical, it bears the name of Serenaka, and its ability is to lengthen by a certain distance. This allows the owner of the blade to successfully resist enemies, both in melee and ranged combat. Water magic obeys Corsair because of the Mareka artifact, which also endows its owner with unusual abilities.

Black Desert developers continue to actively develop their game, filling it with fresh content. This multiplayer RPG should receive at least one more major update before the end of the year.


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