Black Friday started in Argentina: how to bring all the offers “door to door”

The 2021 edition of Black Friday has already started, the sales event in the US that allows you to buy everything with deep discounts. Different Argentine brands have joined this event since 2013 and this year will be no different: the most important e-commerce sites in the country will offer significant discounts in all areas. Black Friday will take place Friday, November 26.

While the offers are available to everyone, in Argentina there are certain limitations. Many of the stores are not present in the country and the shipping charges are very expensive, when not directly impossible to make the shipment.

The secret is in knowing how to bring these products to the country. Importing can be problematic since it is necessary to process both with Correo Argentino and with AFIP and Customs. Nevertheless, There are companies that take care of the entire process of buying, consolidating and shipping the packages.

How to buy on Black Friday from Argentina

It is a series of companies that offer themselves as an alternative to Door to Door system (the official way) to order abroad, the focus is on improving different aspects of the official platform.

One of the companies is Argentina Aerobox. The process is simple: once the account is created, site users can shop on different e-commerce pages around the world from Amazon to Alibaba. LThe company receives the packages at a virtual address in Miami, making a consolidation of the packages.

Purchases are centralized in the office that the company has in Miami and from there the shipment is made to any point in Argentina (with respect to this, it should be noted that the company has a commercial presence in both countries, so the possible frictions that may appear). The company charges a shipping fee that varies by species, weight, etc.

Notably payments are made to dollar official and without taxes (65% is not charged).

One facility offered by the company is the packet consolidation, that is, they can be purchased in different places and the order converge in a single centralized shipment at the Miami headquarters. To pay for those purchases, the company offers up to 12 installments through Mercado Pago.

From the company, they confirm that prices are almost always cheaper than local ones, especially in the technology segments. The service has a shipping quote system, a kind of calculator to calculate costs.

The company will be publishing on its social networks the different “lightning” offers offered by companies such as Amazon. These offers have a short duration and are very aggressive, in some cases reaching up to 80%. Through this service it will be possible to acquire them the moment they appear.

During Black Friday you can get products with discounts, including some impossible to get in the country as can be the case with Apple computers.

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